Aeternity BATM extra extension

Aeternity BATM extension:

GitHub repository url:

1. Commit b65a8ad7, 07/23/2019 04:11 PM

Created initial version of Aeternity BATM extension based on BitcoinCash implementation

  • Added basic implementation for main classes
    • AeternityDefinition
    • AeternityExtension
    • AeternityAddressValidator
    • AeternityPaperWallet
    • AeternityRPCWallet
    • AeternityWalletGenerator
    • AeternityPaymentSupport
  • Batm-extensions.xml - added Aeternity extension definition
  • - added Aeternity Enum
  • Added aeternity logo - ae.png, ae.svg

2. Commit bdf6f9ce, 08/15/2019 05:05 PM

  • Integrated aepp-sdk-java( into Aeternity Extension. Aepp-sdk-java is used for account management and transaction operations
    • fixing dependencies conflicts
    • integration
  • Implemented IWallet.getCryptoBalace()
  • Implemented generation/initialization of HD wallet based on mnemonic words and password

3. Commit 727e1ce7, 08/21/2019 09:00 PM

  • modified gradle build - added CoinGecko depencies
  • updated IWallet.getCryptoBalace()
  • Implemented IWallet.sendCoins()
  • added CoinGecko RateSource implementation

4. Commit c37aab28, 08/25/2019 09:19 PM

  • Updated logo - updated ae.png, ae.svg with aeternity real logo
  • Updated AeternityWalletGenerator

5. Commit 613f9cd5, 08/29/2019 03:28 PM

6. Commit 2927ce3e, 08/29/2019 07:29 PM

removed unused param

7. Commit da3a75ce

8. Commit 9290f011, 09/09/2019 11:22 PM

fixed address validator

9. Commit a462f897, 09/10/2019 08:20 PM

10. Commit 9899a972, 09/17/2019 08:04 PM

11. Commit c97984da, 09/18/2019 12:09 PM

  • fixed aeternity svg logo

you can contact @mitch_lbw or me if you need help or have any questions regarding the java-sdk.

in the near future we will release a new version that will probably have some breaking changes due to refactoring.


Hi Peter,
glad you’re using our SDK :slight_smile: - as @marc0olo wrote, do not hesitate to ask in case of questions. And as also said, we’re currently working on a major improvement concerning usability which unfortunately will have some breaking changes (but it will be worth it :wink: ) as well as support of futher features
Thanks and regards,

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I came accross depency problem, when tried to add aepp-sdk-java:1.2.0 to BATM project. The conflict is in jackson-x. aepp-sdk-java uses version 2.9.8, batm project uses 2.9.1. Can you rebuild it with lower jackson-x-2.9.1 or give me some directions so i would rebuild it and evetually publish it as separate plugin in gradle repo(ill publish it as kryptokrauts devepment, and update it, when you release newer verion) ? Also it would be nice if we could exchange some contacts for wire, viber, whats up or whatever you prefer for more direct communication. My email is [email protected] you can send it there. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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@emin already told me in another thread that you might need some help. can you show me the current state of your development?

it might be possible to exclude the jackson library when importing our java-sdk:


Maybe you also need to exclude other jackson artifacts like jackson-annotations, jackson-databind and jackson-datatype-jsr310.

Hopefully that won’t break any functionality of the java-sdk.

Thank you for suggestion, here is what happened

First i excluded conflicted depencies as you suggested

> compile ("com.kryptokrauts:aepp-sdk-java:1.2.0"){
  exclude group: 'com.fasterxml.jackson.core', module: 'jackson-annotations'
  exclude group: 'com.fasterxml.jackson.core', module: 'jackson-databind'
  exclude group: 'com.fasterxml.jackson.core', module: 'jackson-core'
  exclude group: 'com.github.jnr', module: 'jnr-ffi'
  exclude group: 'com.github.jnr', module: 'jffi'
  exclude group: 'commons-codec', module: 'commons-codec'


Then i got this error:

> Account account = accountService.getAccount("ak_EvSv1tynyr7RrWt3tTgtFrNQN8Ma138cxudPpLf2gk8DyjK4j").blockingGet();

class file for io.reactivex.Single not found

Then i added


and everythings compiled successfuly

When i tried to test SDK that error happened:

> Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: io/vertx/core/Vertx

at com.kryptokrauts.aeternity.sdk.service.ServiceConfiguration.getApiClient(
at com.kryptokrauts.aeternity.sdk.service.account.impl.AccountServiceImpl.getAccountApi(
at com.kryptokrauts.aeternity.sdk.service.account.impl.AccountServiceImpl.getAccount(

This is my sdk test code:

final static String baseUrl = “”;
ServiceConfiguration serviceConf = ServiceConfiguration.configure().baseUrl(baseUrl).compile();
AccountService accountService = new AccountServiceFactory().getService(serviceConf);
Account account = accountService.getAccount(“ak_EvSv1tynyr7RrWt3tTgtFrNQN8Ma138cxudPpLf2gk8DyjK4j”).blockingGet();

quick update:

Cleaned and rebuiled the project, and SDK seemed to be wotking.Retrieved balance for account successfully . Havent tested creating transactions though. Thanks for the help.

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Dependency mismatch is sometimes a pain :-/

If you need further assistance just let me know. I am also available in the aeternity devchat now :wink:

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I’m happy if you discuss it publicly. Its good for other people that might run into same problems!

Thanks for the update.