Aeternity Block chain Meetup at Singida TIA cyber cafe

On Sunday 8/3/2020 I organized a [meetup ] in TIA cyber cafe in Singida as part of my traveling ambassador program,summary of the meetup is as follows:
Number of Attendees: 55
Age group 20 to 30.

*Key points of the discussion:

What is Digital Currency?
what is bitcoin?
why do we need digital currency?
what is the problem with fiat currency?
Crypto Currency and Blockchain are different!
What potential does the Blockchain have in the upcoming world
What is Aeternity and why do we need it?
Smart Contracts!
State channels?
Oracles state machine
what are the possible use case in your environment that can be implemented with block chain
How can yo contribute and become æternity ambassador
you can learn more in

I stated the meet up with introducing my self as an ambassador then i asked few question about block chain to warm up the discussion,i asked first what is digital currency,and they said its a bitcoin,i then asked what is the block chain and they tell me its a bitcoin too.So i decided to give a very deep introduction first.
I concluded the meetup with introducing and it was something they loved it so they agreed that they will take the lectures online on
The below is the picture and the you tube link for the video of the events.

aeternity meetup in TIA - YouTube


sorry guys the numbers of attendees is 30 people.