Æternity Blockchain for Ramadan & Eid


See our Eventbrite here: https://goo.gl/4x9cQB

Celebrating our Ramadan & Eid festivals. Aeternity invites you to understand how Blockchain, Smart Contracts, State Channels, and Identity Systems can be used in the Middle East, Muslim Enterprises, and in Ramadan, Arbaaen, and other Islamic celebrations.

Our Global Ambassador, Julio Alejandro, will share in London, England, to our Muslim community his experience in designing and implementing Blockchain solutions in Bahrain, Jordan, Turkey, Sarajevo (Bosniaks), and with Muslim immigrants in Europe.

Use cases:

  • Tracking and purity of Halal meat in Supply Chain Management.
  • Smart Contract use for taxation and reduced government corruption.
  • Digital Identity as a vehicle of entrepreneurship in MENA financially excluded regions.
  • Donations provenance of Humanitarian aid for Rohingya and Muslim refugees.

Aeternity Blockchain supports peaceful, reliable, international, and multicultural trade, commerce, and associations.