Æternity Blockchain - Public Lecture at The Technical University of Kenya


From Nairobi Kenya,
We are glad to have @julioalexo give a public lecture Friday- 8th June, at The Technical University of Kenya during the launch of Blockchain Developers Group in the University. If anyone around Nairobi willing to join up, just comment below and I can loop you in with more details for this one or subsequent ones.

Indeed this is a great partnership in establishing Blockchain Developer Communities in institutions of higher learning.
Keep up the great work Aeternity!!!.

Best Regards
Dan Kingori.


Mr. Kingori!

Indeed. It was such a pleasure to give such lecture, we also finalized our new curriculum for the following six lectures. With Mr. Apollo, we both keep creating and making tremendous partnerships with our Kenyan community. Throughly appreciate your commitment, please be in touch, I’m at your services!