Aeternity build error

When I tried to build the, I alwasy gets an error as follows.

make[1]: Entering directory ‘/mnt/d/aeternity’
===> Fetching swagger_endpoints (from {git,“”,

===> Fetching jesse (from {git,“”,
===> Fetching jsx v2.9.0
===> Fetching yamerl v0.6.0
===> Skipping jsx (from {git,“git://”,{tag,“2.9.0”}}) as an app of the same name has already been fetched
===> Fetching rfc3339 (from {git,“git://”,
===> Errors loading plugin {swagger_endpoints,
{ref,“47f1b7a”}}}. Run rebar3 with DEBUG=1 set to see errors.
===> Fetching aesophia_rebar_plugin (from {git,“”,
===> Fetching aesophia_aci_encoder (from {git,“”,
===> Fetching aesophia_cli (from {git,“git://”,
===> Errors loading plugin {aesophia_rebar_plugin,
{ref,“df113cc”}}}. Run rebar3 with DEBUG=1 set to see errors.
===> Verifying dependencies…
===> Fetching aesophia (from {git,“”,
===> Fetching aesophia_cli (from {git,“git://”,
===> Failed to fetch and copy dep: {git,“git://”,
make[1]: *** [Makefile:411: internal-compile-deps] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory ‘/mnt/d/aeternity’
make: *** [Makefile:230: ct-iris] Error 2

I know a work around for it is to change all git:// url in the project into https://. Besides this approach, is there other better way?

Below are the steps to reproduce the error.

  1. Checkout repository.
    git cloen
    cd aeternity
    git checkout v6.3.0

  2. Build
    make local-build

Hey there, what guide are you following? Are you sure you have all the libraries needed before doing that?

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Hi @ae-omar , The steps in works in v6.2.0, doesn’t work for v6.3.0.

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What error are you getting now?

is this the Apple M1 problem again? didn’t check the logs. just wondering

I met the error in office, and not at home. I know where the problem is: my company has blocked the git protocal port 9418.