Aeternity coming soon to f2pool


Aeternity coming soon to f2pool

In order to offer more choices for our miners, our technical team works very hard to support new high-quality coins. Aeternity (AE) is very popular with our miners, and we are pleased to announce AE will launch on f2pool labs – the first mining pool in the world supporting AE mining services!

The Cuckoo Cycle algorithm used by AE currently only supports GPU mining, and the mining difficulty is still very low. We welcome any community members to mine AE through f2pool.

F2Pool, founded in April 2013 in Beijing, is the global leading and China’s earliest Bitcoin mining pool; the world’s largest integrated digital currency mining pool. F2Pool has a team of high-educated, high-tech, high-quality domestic top talents.

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Let us know if you have any issues at [email protected].


Mining pools are anathema to AE. I was attracted to AE because of a belief decentralization was a high priority. Sorry to see it going to hell in a handbag so soon.


F2pool is the first announced aeternity pool but will not be the last one.
For now another two pools have announced to build aeternity pool soon.
If you want everyone can build their own pool. You can see other pow like Btc、Eth, it is the same.


Hey with the pools coming up can we mine aeternity with AMD GPU’s. Please give me an update.


I think the problem will be the micro blocks if I understand wright, 3-5 seconds to update, pffff. if AE Team will allow the same as btc and other pools do, collecting the higher transactions fees and only mining for the highest bid.

Cheers happy mining, welcome to centralised.

How will it work?

Pushing every 5 seconds the work?



Currently only NVIDIA and CPU can mine aeternity. Once we have information for AMD, we will let you know. Thank you!


Aeternity Open to Beepool.

Mining address: stratum+tcp://
PPLNS rate: 1%
0.1AE payment.

Welcome to mine.
Global Hash first.