Æternity Community in Stuttgart - Germany


Hey guys,

my name is Marco and I want to create a local Æternity community in Stuttgart city. For the moment there are no meetups planned but in the future it’s planned to have (mainly technical) Meetups with focus on showcasing all the features Æternity provides and of course have general discussions about Æternity.

The meetup won’t start before we support all features (state channels, contracts, oracles, ÆNS) that Æternity provides with our Java-SDK.

If you are located around Stuttgart you are welcome to join or telegram channel and have discussions about Æternity and upcoming meetups or the state of the development of our Java-SDK:



Hey @marc0olo,

Thank you so much for your support and for this initiative :slight_smile:

Have you already contacted our æmbassador manager @erik93 to talk about the requirements and conditions of becoming an æternity æmbassador?


Hey @ae-albena,

yes I am regularly in contact with @erik93 and know about the requirements and conditions :wink:

Hopefully we will see the local community growing soon =)


That is great, don’t forget to send us loads of photos :wink:


On the technical CryptoMonday meetup on 27th of march I will have the pleasure to talk about Æternity. Everybody is welcome to join:

I will give a general overview about Æternity and its features and get a bit more into detail regarding state channels and oracles.


That’s great @marc0olo, thank you, we will promote the meetup so more people hear about it and show up.