Æternity Crypto Foundation Graces æternity Universe One!

Hello everyone,

Here’s one more testimony of what an amazing experience the æternity Universe One conference was - this time by æternity Crypto Foundation :blush:

The Foundation team was thrilled to meet the whole æcosystem in Prague and to get to know these amazing change-makers better :smiley:

Marion Vogel took the stage to present the Foundation’s activity, vision, and future plans :star_struck: She and other board members also participated in a panel discussion on the Foundation’s main priorities.

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Here are the talks held during the æternity Universe One in Prague :slightly_smiling_face:

Learn more about the æternity Crypto Foundation by watching the panel discussion hosted by @pegah.chain

Check out my talk that contains a friendly reminder about core values and an introduction to the æternity Crypto Foundation.