Æternity Crypto Foundation welcomes Emin Mahrt as a Board Member!

Hello everyone,

We are happy to share that @emin.chain is now a Board Member of the æternity Crypto Foundation :slight_smile:

Emin Mahrt spent the past two years first as Chief Operation Officer, and later as Chief Product Officer for æternity, making sure progress was consistent and seamless across all development teams working on the different facets of the platform.

Check out the official announcement at the Foundation’s blog (below):

Emin also discusses what is to come in the future and the wide variety of grant opportunities and donations that the charitable æternity Crypto Foundation is to provide :wink:



Thank you for the flowers @albena.chain

If anyone has questions to me, AMA!


Can you describe it in English?

That would be great. I am now working as ambassador of the team and I am in Istanbul Tell me whenever you need. I hope we do good work together this year.

@hasan.chain Please use only Engish here.

@albena.chain okay, I got it. Thanks

We also answer in Chinese to Chinese speaking people and in Spanish to the Spanish community and in German to the German speaking. I find it truly disrespectful to expect everyone to speak English. Deleting posts is also not a nice way to deal with the forum. This is just censorship in my humble opinion.


您可以使用Google翻译? My English not good.

There are Forum categories dedicated to different languages, the main Forum categories are reserved for English. This is done in order to keep the discussions going and to make it easier for people to find what they are looking for. No one is obliged to speak English but a simple google translation is always helpful.

Hello, yes, you can use Google Translator or just use the Chinese-dedicated category here:

Thank you.

Cool, so lets use online translators then. I will also do this if I’m posting into the Chinese or Spanish speaking section.

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When you choose to reply to someone else’s message, you can use Google Translate to convert English to Chinese. I believe that in this way we can not only understand, but also very beneficial to our understanding.