Aeternity / Dacade - Introduction to Aeternity and Blockchain 101 course - San Joaquin, Carabobo, Venezuela - March 12, 2020

MEETUP ( Introduction to Aeternity and Blockchain 101 course)
General Description

DATE: March 12, 2020

Contraloria Municipal de San Joaquin has asked us to give them our Aeternity Dacade courses for them. this is the firs one of 3 activities for them, one a week for their employees and community members.
This day we will be working with basics about Bitcoin, blockchain, Aeternity potential, smart contracts and aepps development.

Contraloria Municipal de San Joaquin will setup this activity and it will open to its community members and employees.

LOCATION: Auditorio Contraloria Municipal San Joaquin, Carretera Nacional, centro comercial Cariaprima, San Joaquin, Carabobo, Venezuela
TIME START: 8:30 am (local time)
TIME END: 12:00 pm (local time)


Seems that you will have a quite active days next week. Great job so far!!

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We had a very good activity, it was scheduled for a 3 hours presentation, well, people wanted more and more, we finished with a 4 hours activity, glad to see how people ask for more information and education.

we had 42 people , all range of ages and knowledge, now they know basics about crypto, blockchain, Bitcoin, Aeternity, oracles, smartcontracts and a basic knoledge about how daepps will change our lives.

Coronavirus has stopped our agenda but we will figure out how to keep going in these times.


Thank you for your hard work @ubikalo!
We will have to switch to online meetups but I am confident that won’t stop our progress :wink: