Aeternity / Dacade - Web Development 101 course - Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela - March 10, 2020

MEETUP (Dacade course - Web development 101 course)
General Description

DATE: March 10, 2020

Startup Venezuela asked us to give them our Aeternity Dacade courses for them. They already took Introduction to blockchain and smart contracts course.
This day we will be working with web development lessons with in Dacade and aditional materials about HTML, CSS, Javascript and bootstrap.

Startup Venezuela will setup this activity and it will open to its community members. They gather entreprenours and young people.

LOCATION: Auditorio Gimnasio vertical Lomas de Funval, Avenida principal Lomas de Funval, Valencia, Venezuela
TIME START: 8:00 am (local time)
TIME END: 4:00 pm (local time)


Hey @ubikalo, thanks for sharing. I’m pretty sure some great ideas will rise from this workshop :slight_smile:

Yesterday we had an amazing day with new atendees to our Aeternity/Dacade course “Introduction to web programming 101”.

This location is used for comunnity activities, such as sports, conferences and meetups. This time we were invited by Startup Vzla, an entrepeneourship initiative.

We covered HTML, CSS and Bootstrap basics, and showed them some practical examples in each step. They asked us for a new session for them. That session would be to create their own website and use this basic knowledge for real.

I think there is so much potential here, our atendees were among 16 years old and 68 years old. Very good experience.

some of them want Aeternity 101 too, they want to learn Sophia and Aeternity potential. This story here continues!

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Hey @ubikalo, thanks for the update.

Invite them to join us here in the forum. We have the Español category where everyone can share ideas, comments, doubts…