Aeternity Developers hangout @Osustech

Few weeks ago, the Blockchain RoadTrip came to Osustech and we had a lot of turn out from students who embraced the blockchain technology, thanks to the
Support from my team @bookoons @otaniel and the Aeternity blockchain for supporting this great project.

Today happens to be in OSUSTECH, but this time we are having a developer hangout here in osustech, where we have developers with different skill set.

We discussed about the Aeternity blockchain.
• Whats Aeternity ?
• Smart contracts.
• Oracles.
• Aepps (baseapp)
• Praticals session showing the applications built on the Aeternity blockchain.

We had Jet and jesulomini taking the students in the developers session. It was a nice meetup, next time we would be looking at working on use cases and after then, we can consider a hackathon.


It was an amazing workshop, @emmanueljet and I taught the Sophia programming language and explained the basic things like gas fee, the immutability of the smart contract, the changes that have been made to the current javascript sdk, when to make a function payable and when not to, I also explained the basic differences between a call static and a contract call. We ended by putting a lot of creativity into code and building an aepp that allows one to register with his email and password on the blockchain and also pay his school fees on the blockchain,feel free to check the aepp out at


Fantastic. I like the pictures, looks like a fun meetup!


It was indeed a fun meetup. Speaking about æternity using this slide was really amazing as the learners were excited about the technology.

Thanks to @jesulonimi for building a use case that registers and login users into the system and also make payment using the almighty Smart Contract. Check out the code on GitHub at Feel free to also check the dæpp out at

Thanks to @Barineka and @jesulonimi for making this a success.



Nice done! This is a very good way to teach and learn.