Æternity Development 101 course is now live on Dacade!


Hello everyone,

We are happy to share that the æternity Development 101 course is now live on dacade.org!

Learn the advantages of the æternity protocol and build your first æpp on top of the æternity blockchain.

Find it here and start #buidl-ing:



Every aeternity fan should do this course! Absolutely suitable for beginners too.


I’m going to check this out. ~ 100 minutes with a $50 challenge is pretty cool. However, I’m having trouble finding the link on the website to start the course. I"m sure a button is staring me right in the face that I’m missing, does anyone know how to enroll? Edit, I found it at the bottom of the learn more page, I’m not a fan of that hard to read font color


Tell us how it’s going :slight_smile:


Hope Aeternity be more popular!


this is one of my fav platforms! I am sending it to all my english speaking blockchain illiterate friends!