Aeternity development

Hello everyone,
Iam new member to aeternity community, Iam Senior Erlang developer and new in blockchain development, I just wanted to explore this wonderful world so I decided to get in touch with real applications and since Iam Erlanger I found that aeternity Open Source Code is suitable in such cases.
But I found that the code is huge and include many apps, I tried with aecore repo but still confused since the supervision tree drawed in the head of aecore_sup.erl is not the imlemented one and I think it is outdated, so I can’t find from where I can start and even documentations for developers don’t exist at all.
If someone can suggest something about or can help anyway I will be very thankful.


Hi @Mohammed, thanks for joining the community and glad to have you here :slight_smile:

maybe @dimitar.chain or @uwiger could help?

Hi @Mohammed

Comments do often get out of sync with the actual code. A good opportunity for a first PR. :wink:

The drawing should really be removed. There is no need to draw a picture illustrating a structure resulting from just 5 lines of boilerplate code.

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@uwiger Okay but I liked much the idea of the tree, it simplify a lot for someone whose new to this system…
So I can’t find any resource for developers docs, I thinked since it is an open source Project maybe you should give more of entry points for other developers to help them…
I say that because Iam Erlanger, new to blockchain, and can’t find any Erlang real blockchain except aeternity which is the only Erlang Open Source blockchain since helium has switched to Solana

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