Aeternity development

Hello everyone,
Iam new member to aeternity community, Iam Senior Erlang developer and new in blockchain development, I just wanted to explore this wonderful world so I decided to get in touch with real applications and since Iam Erlanger I found that aeternity Open Source Code is suitable in such cases.
But I found that the code is huge and include many apps, I tried with aecore repo but still confused since the supervision tree drawed in the head of aecore_sup.erl is not the imlemented one and I think it is outdated, so I can’t find from where I can start and even documentations for developers don’t exist at all.
If someone can suggest something about or can help anyway I will be very thankful.


Hi @Mohammed, thanks for joining the community and glad to have you here :slight_smile: Do you mind creating a pull request in that Github repo so the outdated data can be fixed as soon as possible?