Æternity ekiti virtual meetup 1

æternity ekiti will be having her first virtual meetup on the 6th of July, 2019 where we will go through Introduction to æternity, Introduction to Smart Contracts, and Getting Started With State Channels.

RSVP now using http://bit.ly/aekiti-vmeetup1


We started by welcoming all the attendees to the meetup. Then we proceeded by introducing them to æternity. We then introduced them to Smart Contract and finally got them started with State Channels. We ended the meetup by giving answers to questions asked by attendees.

Just in case you missed the first virtual meetup by æternity Ekiti, or you’d like to relive the experience, you’d be happy to know that we have uploaded videos from the meetup on our YouTube channel. You can watch it here. We have also uploaded the slides used during the meetup on Speaker Deck. You can view them here


Great, you can also post the recordings of the meetup directly here in the forum, they will get embedded, its easier to watch like this: