What is the key difference that is going to make aeternity better than Ethereum?

Aeternity leaders, they will never commit a fraud, they have strong Bulgarian roots.
Aeternity is trust-less. Everything is more transparent than in Ethereum.
As the trust and transparency are most valuable things behind crypto, Aeternity clearly wins.

Just check what Ethereum achieved in 1 year after ICO (backed by $15.6 million) and what Aeternity achieved (backed by $24.4 million when ETH was priced at $38) and ongoing BRI funds. Aeternity clearly wins!


AE said that the technology is good, but don’t say that before aepp falls to the ground. aepp comes out and needs someone to use it. AE team’s reputation in the community is really bad!!

How can you say that no one is using AE. Miners are using AE securing the network. They have to be paid good rewards for it because all the aepps rely on it.

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Increased mining issuance damaged the interests of early investors (not written in the white paper, but directly doubled the issuance, too much, the market does not need so many tokens, too inflated).

BRI damages the interests of miners. You can see the calculating power of AE mining and know the miners’attitude to ae!!!

Team progress is too slow, more than two years, the project still has no actual progress, I am waiting, looking forward to the 9.20 conference!!!

Can you mention any other blockchain projects where there has been more thorough, transparent and faster development? Also, what projects have a lot of actual users?

I am asking because I am genuinely interested. As far as I know blockchain-tech is still in the infrastructure building phase and there is not a lot of utility besides speculation and money transfer. Also as far as I know, there are not many projects that have a more skilled dev team than the ae team. The amount of knowledge on Erlang and distributed systems in this team is ridiculous. Lastly, I find it borderline funny that you claim that there has been “no actual progress” :rofl:

It’s still early days, time will show.


Of course. If you compare first year of Aeternity since ICO it achieved a lot more than Ethereum in 1 year since its ICO. Aeternity is superious and developers are floating to it because they see it is the future. Aeternity leaders know how to build trust, technology and shows it in every step. Now, after more than 2 years after ICO we will have superior graffiti aepp, so you know.

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Check the pivotal tracker, the ae team is working super hard, and check coin code cap, ae is consistently in the top 10 project list for github commits and is 11th overall. Be patient, ae is the real deal. The whole community wants to see the coin moon but right now its the whales (exchanges) determining the price of ae, nothing to do with BRI which is crucial in the early stages of a project to secure the network and should be supported. Little binance bots buying and selling back to themselves to create fake volume but they cant suppress demand (price) for ever.