Æternity extension for chrome, firefox, etc (like metamask)

Hello everyone, a few days ago I thought it would be good to have an extension like metamask but to the wallet of aeternity. I’ve already seen several wallets with the extension (icon, hedera, metamask, voyager) and I think aeternity should have theirs.
unfortunately I am not a programmer but maybe someone who knows how to develop it will have the desire and time. Ionly leave the idea. greetings to all!!!

Hi Cristian,

We agree with your sentiment and are taking this into consideration relative to our future æpps plans. Stay tuned for more info on this.

In the mean time, if anyone from the community is interested in this project, feel free to reach out to us to align your efforts with ours.




I support your idea, it will be so convenient. I am not a dev my self, but good luck with implementing the idea!


@cristian I am working on that, just wait for a while. :smile:


Wow, that is great @mile, thank you so much!

It’s ok, Code changes the world!


thanks!!! let us know when it is available

sweet =D
Do you have an ETA?

We at AirGap are also working on this, we’ve just released an Alpha version of the AirGap wallet Extension for Ethereum and Aeternity support should shortly follow.

The Medium post https://medium.com/airgap-it/your-gateway-to-offline-blockchain-transactions-airgap-wallet-chrome-extension-alpha-3ea30ed15d3b if anyone is interested.


I myself would like to see something with less hassle then airgapping. Will you make it possible to use the extention without airgapping?Nonetheless, your work is appreciated.

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Yes, you can install the AirGap Vault application also on your everyday smartphone and use it there with the Chrome Extension.

By the way you can also install both mobile applications AirGap Vault and AirGap Wallet on the same phone without the need to airgap.

that is great.
I think we need a wallet for everyday use. AirGap is not convenient as to the two devices.

to much hassle to be honest.

Thanks for the feedback, do you think a phone + chrome extension approach is also too much “work”?

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I think there should be a hot wallet for small money, for everyday use. Just like metamask is OK.

And the two device wallet is more safer for cold storage.

yes, please make the dual app optional. A chrome extension isn’t meant to keep you life savings.
just like you don’t keep your life savings in your pocket. But a 10 euro bill is safe enough in your pocket

Yeah, a chrome extension is way unreliable