Æternity for all ! Growing the æpps Ecosystem (Part 2)

Last month we’ve published parts of our presentation on great use cases and decentralized applications which use the æternity blockchain network as a foundation for their platforms.

We’ve presented global æcosystem projects — Vereign AG, Assetify, Cryptic Legends, Box Aepp, CryptoTask, Jelly Swap and ReCheck in our Medium blog post as well as solutions created by our Chinese community — æChina, WeTrue, AeKnow, AEsay, AEns presented in our Chinese New Year post , and aeLink .

Let’s take a look at some more great projects operating in the spheres of DeFi, social media, space exploration, street art and cannabis.


SmartCredit leverages the scalability of the æternity blockchain to provide crypto-backed loans to individuals seeking finance, as well as Credit as a Service API to crypto platforms. It provides key components of an alternative blockchain-based financial system — crypto lending/borrowing, fixed income funds, and integrations. SmartCredit operates on a principle of fixed-term and fixed interest loans leading to a very low collateral ratio that is 2 to 2.5 times lower than the market average. SmartCredit.io solution will disintermediate the commercial bank lending. It will create an alternative financial system, which allows 2-Click consumer credit, immediate liquidity for the lenders and VISA / MasterCard disintermediation.

With a motto ‘’Take back control over your money!’’, SmartCredit brings the multi-chain-collateral approach (One set of the smart contracts will be running with the high gas fees (Ethereum) and the other set with the low gas fees (æternity), where users can choose between the chains and lock the assets on other chains.

You can check the User demo video here:


Hypermine is a Bangalore-based startup that provides a decentralized identity management solution enabled with a single-sign-on. It uses aeternity blockchain and machine learning as the underlying technology to build digital economies with trust and transparency. Hypermine’s prime product is Hypersign, a seamless, all-in-one authentication and wallet solution. It is a simple-to-use authentication solution that is transparent and stores user data in a manner that it is only accessible to the owner. Product offers Password-less Authentication, Verification & Authorization Services while integrating within minutes into any ecosystem.

Hypersign enables users to ensure that the website is safe before sharing any critical information, enables websites to verify credentials on their own without the need to connect with any of the Identity Providers or their infrastructure, and offers a secure infrastructure for trust anchors like governments and organizations to become an identity provider.

Demo Version 0.3.3. is available for Android users, and can be downloaded here.

Uruguay Can

Uruguay Can is a Uruguayan company based in Montevideo that combines experience in recreational, medicinal and hemp cannabis developments in already established projects with a consolidated agronomic team in the first country in the world to legalize production, with the objective of exporting to all the world an increasingly broad portfolio of products.

UCAN obtained a certification of good agricultural practices (GAP), under an organic scheme. They are the only Uruguayan company that supplies a blockchain control and traceability system, from sowing to the final product, ensuring the quality of their processes and products. Under this model, Uruguay Can is able to track everything from the seed stages to final end-consumer products. For Uruguay Can CEO Eduardo Blasina, this is a tremendous milestone for the South American nation. This technological solution raises the security standards in the process, generating warranties regarding the quality of the final product making it more valuable and reliable internationally.

P.S. Uruguay is the world’s first country to completely legalize cannabis production and sale in December 2013


HomePort, is a software platform enabling the creation of a decentralised, user-centric ground station and space data network.

Providing a decentralised marketplace for ground station capacity, which operators of satellites or satellite constellations in space can use to maximize the output of their fleet. Homeport also allows them to optimise data session scheduling between the stations and the satellites. Homeport aims to build a global, decentralized space data teleport across free and proprietary frequencies alike, for a variety of satellite operators.

Using Sophia-language smart contracts, HomePort provides users with the ability to set up a direct contractual relationship without the need for a broker, therefore enabling them to decide their own prices, resource uses and contract durations. The oracle developed as part of Hydrogen, Homeport’s alpha version, validates the cloud status of the data received through a station; it is the first of many oracles that will help automate the contractual process and ensure exceptionally high levels of trust without the need for a third party.

Graffiti æpp

The aepp allows for pictures to be transformed to a unique artistic style, with some estimation on complexity. More complex pictures will need a higher amount in the auction. Finally an svg file will be uploaded to IPFS to be available in a decentralized manner, while keeping the original input image private.

A reference to this artwork will be added to the graffiti auction smart contract on the æternity blockchain. Each bid to this auctions includes complexity, coordinates, reference and amount. All bids will be accepted, but bids that are paying low to fit in the available space, will be refunded to the participant.

All facets of this process are open-source, everyone is able to participate, verify and event to automate this process due to its public nature. So an immutable and publicly verifiable decentralized artwork will be created.

Superhero Platform

As a new kind of social network, anchored on the powerful, open-source æternity blockchain, Superhero is defined by the user’s basic right to be fully in control of their online identity, data, and personal information, retaining their non-censorable freedom of speech and expression, through completely peer-to-peer-based interactions with other users. No third party involvement will ever be permitted within the Superhero platform. All interactions are between the users themselves. This implies that there is no entity controlling the activities or pushing content on users. What is trending on Superhero will be decided by the users’ activity and choice.

Enabling users to post, tip, comment, meet or vote, Superhero.com is under intensive development at the moment, preparing new features and a fresh look thanks to the feedback during the BETA stage.

Spoiler Alert :nerd_face::star_struck:

There is a complex-in-structure, yet simple-to-use mechanism which ensures a fair and user-controlled content publicity, learn more here and get ready for your NEW superpowers!

Arkane Network

To create user-friendly products and services, you need the right tools. When you’re dealing with blockchain it is no different. ARKANE simplifies the development of any blockchain-related product or service. Arkane Network brings three solutions to the market: wallet solution (Widget solution, White-labeled API solution), NFT management (Low gas fees, APIs for easy minting, Unity blockchain SDK), and possibility to sell your NFTs on the Arkane Market (First Matic NFT marketplace, Fiat purchases and payouts, Live support).

Arkane also provides the custody services, having more than $2,000,000 worth of NFTs under management. The Arkane Market is a secondary (peer to peer) market for all kinds of NFTs. Owners of the NFTs can simply put their NFT for sale via by login on to https://arkane.market.

Discover how customers are using Arkane to create a better business https://arkane.network/apps or simply connect your wallet and unleash the power these applications have to offer: https://arkane.network/apps

Read the full article on the æternity blog: https://blog.aeternity.com/æternity-for-all-9c7cd1fab7a1



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