Aeternity Foundation & Blockseblock Hackathon Winners

After an intense period filled with creativity and innovation, it’s time to announce the DeFi & AI Chatbot Hackathon winners organized by the Aeternity Foundation & Blockseblock Hackathon!

CHÆN COLLECTIVE - A pioneer in decentralized governance using the æternity blockchain to transform collaboration and decision-making processes. Their work is redefining DAOs and community empowerment.

AE-Forge - Dedicated to enhancing the æternity blockchain development experience, AE-Forge has built an extensive collection of tools, libraries, and frameworks, making blockchain development more intuitive and efficient.

LendNft - Leading in the NFT lending space on the æternity blockchain, LendNft has created a secure and transparent platform for NFT borrowing and lending, showcasing the broader potential of NFTs.

Congratulations to our winners, and a heartfelt thank you to all participants for bringing your groundbreaking ideas and solutions to the hackathon. Your contributions are vital to the ongoing evolution of DeFi and blockchain technology.

Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to showcase your talent in future hackathons!


congrats to the winners
I hope to part of the next if they will be one

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Congratulations to all the winners
I’ll be among the winners next and I believe so :slightly_smiling_face::white_heart:

Congrats winners

Congrats to all winners!. Where can I find more on LendNft @ranko ?

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Hello, you can find the project on GitHub via this link - GitHub - Madhav0711/CanvasCrypto-Credit

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Congrats to those that win

Cool- congratulations to the winners! Curious what the innovators will come up with next