Aeternity Foundation Pioneers Ethereum Interoperability with Innovative Cross-Chain Bridge

The AERK Bridge, connecting æternity and Ethereum blockchains, is now live at This integration, developed with Acurast, marks a major step in blockchain interoperability.

The bridge enables cross-chain asset transfer via smart contracts, utilizing Acurast secure enclaves for verifiable state change observation. It also integrates Acurast oracles for essential price-feed data, ensuring accuracy and reliability in bridge operations.

Users can expect reduced transaction costs on æternity while gaining access to Ethereum’s extensive dApp ecosystem. This seamless integration combines æternity’s scalability with Ethereum’s robust network, enhanced by Acurast’s secure architecture.

To encourage adoption, bridge transactions will be free for the first month. Developers now have exciting opportunities to create innovative cross-chain applications, leveraging the unique features of both blockchains.

For more technical details about this exciting development and additional insights, visit the æternity blog :point_down: