Aeternity Foundation's grant program and the future of community governance 🗳

The goal with grants is unchanged - to attract and empower the Web3 developer community by backing projects that will bring value and activity to the ecosystem. The Aeternity Foundation is committed to transforming visionary concepts into successful blockchain projects. However, a new, improved system is being put in place for applying for grants :writing_hand:

Additionally, a new priority has risen - a need for a DAO that will allow the community to have a bigger influence within the æternity ecosystem. Currently, the Foundation is looking for the best DAO project to support. The applications are open, and anyone can submit their proposal for the ideal æternity community DAO.

We invite everyone interested in shaping the future of æternity to visit the grant application section on the æternity forum Grant Applications - æforum

Your ideas and projects could be the next big thing in our growing ecosystem.

Stay connected with us for more updates on the Forum, Community, & Social Channels, and be part of our road toward a decentralized future :globe_with_meridians: