Æternity is Miner Friendly

Back in the day, the best way to accumulate Bitcoin was by starting your own mining operation. However, as time progressed, mining Bitcoin became less profitable for many due to the rising costs of specialized ASIC machines and electricity.

Nowadays, the investment required to, hopefully, turn a profit is substantial, especially considering the recent Bitcoin halving.

But did you know that in order to mine on æternity, you only need a regular computer? No specialized hardware is necessary, just a bit of tinkering to set everything up.

The core idea is to keep the network truly democratized and decentralized. By allowing anyone to participate, æternity stays true to this principle.

If you’re interested in acquiring $AE coin through mining, you can find detailed information, hardware, and software recommendations, as well as mining pool suggestions on the æternity website. :point_down:

:link:Mining on æternity

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