Æternity Is Now Integrated in Blox.io

Hello everyone,

Did you hear that the AE token is now integrated in blox.io?

Doing accounting for your AE (and other tokens!) has never been so easy. Watch the demo and start managing your crypto:

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Now I think Aeternity will surpass Ethereum and Bitcoin combined.
This will shake the crypto world!!!
This shows who is the leader and who rules!!!
This is a game-changer, oh wow, such news, such great!

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Very cool. I had not heard of blox but it has 10k+ downloads on the play store. I haven’t tried it yet, would you like feedback on mobile or just desktop?

Did somewhat of a first reaction screen record of the mobile aepp with a friend. Two feedbacks for the price of one! Blox seems pretty good and I like how it monitors all my addresses in one place without having to enter each transaction manually so I think the app has some advantages over blockfolio although I did have an error the first time I tried to add an ethereum address and it did not display ae’s global rank



Thanks so much for the review @Josh.chain, I will send you a tip as soon as possible. And welcome, Katie, to the AE community :blush:

Thanks @ae-albena
I read that blox has an invoice tool which I think would be very useful for business accounting, but I did not see how to do it, do you know if it is only available on the higher teir plans?

Great! You should post your .chain address its easier to tip :wink: unfortunately blox.io will stop their mobile app soon and focus only on the desktop version.

I really love their service and using it since years. I think the mobile version of their product is not so important.

Yeah it was bad timing to review the mobile app since they are getting rid of it I didn’t realize that at the time but I can understand since they’re going for larger clients it seems like with more complex needs that might be easier on a desktop. I checked out the desktop version and it’s pretty good I agree.
Albena tipped me on telegram but you can too at kiwicrestorchard chain
I have a bid on josh.chain as well but the auction has a few days left

Something you may not be aware of:

  1. Their PRO plan will become paid soon and its cost will be 100 USD.

  2. If you buy 1300 USD worth of their tokens and stake it, the monthly cost of the PRO plan will be ~25 USD. That’s the utility of their token - used for staking and getting a discount. I think the required staking amount will increase in the future though. I believe they mentioned 3000 USD worth of their tokens.

Really good product. Unfortunately (for me), they were not inclined to offer a discount for a charity (bithope.org).

And here is the official announcement:


Hey everyone,

Alon Moruch, CEO of Blox.io also discussed the integration - listen to an interview with him below: