Aeternity Localnet test accounts

I see that test accounts are defined in aeternity/data/aecore/.genesis/accounts_test.json but is it possible to change this file while starting ae localnet?

Or is there another solution to start ae localnet with predefined accounts and amounts?

You can check aeproject tool. With it you can easily start your local node with 10 predefined accounts which are funded. Also, you have access to the miner account which has infinite amount of tokens.

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Hey @MartinG ,

Yes we use aeproject extensively for local development and testing and are quite happy with the tool. But now we are looking for an easy way to start local node inside say CircleCI environment to be able to easily run our integration tests in an automated way. aeproject tool can boot up docker-compose network with nginx and few nodes, and then wallets are funded with respective amounts. That works well of course but it’s not something we can easily run inside CircleCI environment.

We are looking here for a simple dockerized localnet (so only one container, not the whole docker-compose network) with an option of providing initial state for funded wallets. Are you aware if something like this is possible?

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Hey glad to hear that you are happy with the aeproject and do the job for you!

About your issue, no I don’t think that there is something like that for now. We are using aeproject in Travis to spawn the local node for us. But you can check here :, how you can setup your own node, and probably execute it in the CircleCi, but it won’t fund accounts for you, it will only give you the miner account, I think.


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In data/aecore/.genesis/ there is a bunch of .json-files. One of them is picked up when the node is started (different file depending on the network name, default is accounts_test.json I think).

So you should be able to add accounts to this file and get them added to the “genesis block” (rather the initial set of state trees).