Æternity Meet Up at Must University

Meetup Date 30th Nov 2019
Participants 29
The Panel began with a talk about Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, Implications and challenges of Blockchain Technology.

We then later switched to æternity Blockchain looking at it as an answer to the current the current problems being faced by Blockchain technology i.e Smart Contracts, State Channels, Consensus, Governance, Naming System, how to claim names on the æternity blockchain Using the base æpp.

Questions from the audience were interesting and allowed for a deep discussion about æternity blockcain, Such questions included what is the base æpp? Is it secure for someone to trust? What gives ae tokens Price?

This made us discuss in details about the base æpp with a simple demonstration and we further talked more about the æternity æpps, such as the Blockchain explorer, Voting æpp.
These MUST Students were also introduced to dacade.org platform, looking at æternity courses and how possible it is to earn some ae tokens while you learn on the go!

It was a lot of interesting experiences. The experience was worth while. Most participants got to know about æternity for the first time. Most of them were students at Mbarara University of Science & Technology
Current Guild President of the University, gave about “Blockchain technology in Uganda , and how different people Understand it and welcome it. He talked of Immediate Benefits and Long-term Transformational Potential for Uganda”.

Overall experience:
Great honour to the Students of MUST for co-organizing the meetup, being participative, welcoming and promising to keep in touch with us.