Aeternity meetup and Sophia Workshop in P2P Paris Festival

Hi everyone,

On Saturday me and Nelson Melina from Polis Paralela Barcelona participated in the P2P Paris Festival, It was a five days event to promote P2P tecnologies in the capital of France. Although It was the first edition many people can along and It was a sucess thanks to a non-profit organization.

Of all the interactions that happened during the Aeternity presentation and workshop(7 french developers participated in It) I would like to remark that a Guy called Jonathan from asked me to integrate Aeternity in their project for connecting different Blockchains. I really think interoperability it’s going to be a huge thing in this 2020 and that Aeternity should go for It.
Other projects already integrated un are Binance Chain, Nuls and Ethereum, It would be nice to be the forth. As far as I understood with that integration everyone will win.
The integration it’s permission less so maybe somebody from the Core team would like to discuss It and do It .
Can you help please to reach the right person for It @ae-albena and @erik93?

The aleph developer that I got in contact with is Jonathan and I got his email just in case we need help with the integration.

Here are some pictures of the event, the organization was supposed to do a video that probably I will get in few days.


Thank you @Manel, I’ll discuss the integration process internally and get back to you :wink:

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Thanks Albena, the guys from just wrote to me again, seems that they really like to idea to integrate Aeternity.

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That sounds great! Can we organize a chat to discuss this - probably on Telegram?

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Yes, give me your Telegram nickname and I ll prepare that meeting

[email protected]

It’s @aealbena :wink:

Here are some more technical questions from @nelson’s Sophia workshop:

• Is æternity Turing complete ?
• How can we decode the generated bytecode to verify that it corresponds to the source code ?
• Can we do loops in æternity ?
• What are the differences between Sophia and Solidity ?

While doing the course, participants encountered an error that was confusing and made them lose some time:

client = await Ae.Aepp();
Rpc client: can’t send messages to itself

They reported the error, and got this answer later on :

• works only in , you need to use the baseapp to test it.