Aeternity meetup at CIVE,Dodoma

Hello every body am so happy and so proud to be in this community of blockchain that sees the future of block chain in endless possibility,On 12/1/2020 we have a very wonderful meeting at CIVE where by we have discussion on introduction to Sophia language and we have some discussion on different use case of block chain in our environment,People have responded well and they are eager to lean more but they need more time to be comfortable with sophia,in this meeting i got some new faces but i also lost some member.We also have our guest speaker Mr Sadick Mghase a software developer at local telephone company of whom he has experience in Sophia language and he has already pass his dacade 101 Aeternity development courses,Am still learning Sophia language and on last week i have just uploaded my first challenge in Aeternity development 101 courses of which am waiting for the judgment.The following are some of the picture for the events;

Also the following are the you tube link for the videos of events;


Hey @jeremiah99 thanks for the pics. Hope to see some of the use cases in your developer community coming alive.

did you encourage participants to join us here in the Forum or on social media?

Best wishes on you Dacade challenge. Keep us updated!

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thank you @vanessa.chain!we are working on collecting different use case right now and we will select the best use case to be deployed.Yes i have encourage them also many of them have already join for receiving training.

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Great!! Hope to see some of the uses cases soon. Encourage them also to share them here so the dev team can help.

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oky madam! i will kindly do it

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There were two æternity 101 submissions coming from the participants at this meetup so far:

Mr Sadick Mghase: (a platform for transparent donations to street children)

@jeremiah99: (a tool to locate services within the city for tourists)

Some more details from @jeremiah99 about this meetup in Dodoma, Tanzania:

Topics presented: “Blockchain use case in environment, government, educational institution, and use case in fighting corruption and introduction to Sophia language. We dissected a sample æternity æpp built with Sophia and learned about the smart contract language from it.”

Questions by the participants: “One of the audience is asking how long will it take to master Sophia language? Is Sophia language stable? Why don’t we use double and float in Sophia? Is Sophia related to robotics?”

Possible æpps use cases: “We have discussed use cases from environment usage to decentralized government funds management and charity organizations.”

Feedback to the æternity team / Observations: “I think the team should add more materials on Sophia language and general support on creating æpps.”


Thank you @erik.chain,for your review and report on us.

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Thanks for the update @erik.chain those submissions looks great.