Æternity Meetup - EKSU 1.0


Great meetup with amazing students, very passionate and skillful, it was a great meetup, meet with these group of google cloud developers, front end devs, full stacks, mobile app devs, these students are really amazing, and i look forward working with them.

I introduced a lot of, and intro to Aeternity, they were fast in learning, but i didnt want to rush it, was able to interact, communicate and answered all the questions.
Questions include.?
• Is Aeternity a cryptocurrency?
Weird right? They are newbies
• Why is state channel important?
• What is onchain transaction?
And a whole lot of questions, we had an interactive session, talked about blockchain use cases, they suggested one too.

In regards to this meetup, i would be following this university up, and see how an hackathon will be held by june, to see these use cases been deployed on the Aeternity blockchain.


Thank you @Barineka, really cool photos! Thank you for your support!

It seems like you should definitely hold a hackathon there, it would be a great success!

Albena :blush:


We are organizing more workshops, and meetup before the hackathon by june ending


Great meetup @Barineka ! Please introduce these developers to the courses on dacade.org so they can learn more about blockchain and start to look into Sophia smart contracts :slight_smile:


Yeah, i shared it in the meetup and sent to all participant mails



Here is the video from Barineka’s meetup! :clap::clap: