Aeternity meetup in Balearic Islands

Hi Everyone!
Yesterday I had a Meetup in Balearic Islands and an interview on the radio to talk about Blockchain capabilities and Aeternity use cases.
Some people are starting to realize the huge potential of this technology but also some people keep thinking that cryptocurrencies are all about drug dealers and money laundering, we still have a long way to go to create a Decentralitzed world!
I highly recommend to other ambassadors to get in touch with radio stations and newpapers, they are always open to discuss about new technologies and its a way to change people opinion.
Among the assistants to my meetup there were a plumber that has some mining rigs and is very interested in the profitability of mining AE, a politician, a guy that bought BTC when it was at 2$(:kissing_smiling_eyes:) and some crypto friendly people of the island.
I made a Telegram group for the Balearic Islands so they can join it and ask whatever they want, I think its a good idea.


Some more pictures from Manel’s meetup in Formentera:

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Here is some more information about the meetup:

Topics presented: An explanation about open Blockchains, State Channels, Mining in Aeternity and Overall trying to see many examples of real use cases of Oracles. Some people in the audience were not sure about trusting 100% an oracle for examples like family heritage. There was a miner among the audience, ge is plumber and has some mining rigs, ge like the idea of mining AE, he never heard before of it. Also there was a Bitcoin early investor called Michele that does portfolios for investors. Also some people asked again and again if cryptocurrencies are used for drugs and money laundering, I really felt that we are on a battle with the media. There was a Notary that sometimes does meetups explaining cryptocurrencies in general he was impressed by Aeternity being on the top of development in Sentiment and Coincodecap

Questions by the audience: What kind of team is behind Aeternity?(foundation, company) Potential uses of the Oracles? How do you prevent Oracles from acting maliciously? Where is Aeternity registred? Mining profitability of AE in GPU? Some wallet that users can decide their heritage in cryptos with an Oracle that provide information of if you are alive or not.

Possible æpps use cases: This is an idea that I’ve been thinking for a long time as use case of Oracles. Something like a Ledger Nano in which you can automatically send your tokens,for example to your children, if you die and an Oracle provides this correct information.

Feedback to the æternity team / observations: Apparently a miner from the Island never heard about AE tokens profitability it would be cool to have more presence in mining info websites

First stop of my Aeternity traveler ambassador tour!
In the next week’s I ll be visiting nearly all the Blockchain Associations of Spain!
This ambassador tour it’s a huge opportunity to meet Blockchain enthusiastic communities of Spain and show them the improvements done by Aeternity. I want to thanks the Aeternity foundation and all the nice people that helped me to prepare my tour finding places to do the meetings and connecting with the local communities.
I highly recommend you to do a tour in your country, I’m thinking to do it in France in autumn.

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