Aeternity meetup in Barcelona focused in the Starfleet program de

Hi everyone,

I’m going back home after the meetup in the Blockchain Institute of Barcelona and I feel happy cause It seems that Minimum 3 máximum 5 teams are going to apply to the Starfleet program.:boom::boom::boom::boom:
Most of the participants has an advantatged knowlege of Cryptos, smart contracts, oracles…some of them were students of the Blockchain Institute, also there was Pablo which has a more than 20 years experience programing in Erlang and is a Big beliver of the Aeternity vision…a very nice crew.:slightly_smiling_face:
There is another team from Murcia that is wondering if they should apply to the Starfleet program, they have a very interesting project about tokenization in Real State, they were thinking in doing It on Ethereum and I’m trying to convince them about the support they Will receive from us and that how Aeternity can provide the same( or even better) specially in terms of scalability.:muscle:I could feel that the idea of programing in Sophia was felt as a barrier🤷 but I send them the courses and I hope they Will go on with the apply.

I have to add that right know Barcelona is on a very shaky political and social situation(demonstrations, police everywhere…) and that 3 persons that wanted to come to the meetup prefered to stay home. I’m sending them the video of the presentation.:sparkles:
I couldn’t manage It to do the streaming on Facebook Live @albena.chain I need a bit more of practise wirh It🤔

Thanks for your support @erikvollstaedt.chain!

BEST wishes❤️!


No worries @Manel :wink: we can try that next time.
Congratulations on the successful meetup! I hope to see many of these teams in the next Starfleet :slight_smile:



Thanks @albena.chain I appreciate your support. Have a nice day!:sparkles:


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Great work Manel! :clap::clap:

Let’s see if we will have any Spanish participants at Genesis Week, this would certainly help create a local community. Btw here are some more details on this meetup:

Questions by the audience: If the 100,000$ in AE tokens are like æternity owning some part of their future company, what makes a project be a winner in the Starfleet program? How many applications we have received in each edition? When do the winners receive the money for development (for milestones or all at once)? Also they asked: Block size of the AE Blockchain? From what programing language has Sophia been “inspired” ? Is there any plan B if the Hashrate of æternity Falls? Like something to protect it.

@albena.chain Can you help to answer some these questions?

Possible æpps use cases: Around 3 or 5 applications to the Starfleet program: Tokenizing events tickets, tokenizing real estate and another one of supply chain for Catalan wine.

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Here is also the video of this meetup!