Aeternity meetup in Betahaus Barcelona

Hi everyone,

On Tuesday I did a meetup in Betahaus Barcelona, in Gracia, the área where I grew Up❤️.
Betahaus is offering a residence of three months for Blockchain releated projects. We discussed about various topics but the more interesting ones were
Can we create a DAO using Aeternity?
Aeternity Oracles used to detect fake news
Naming systema
I did for the very first time a little Airdrop among the participants of the meetup and I highly recommend It to the rest of ambassadors
It makes people download the wallet
The have the experience of seeing a libe ae txs
so they can see how fast and cheap they are
Also they can try the Naming system


That’s wonderful @Manel, thank you for your continuous work.

Please share some photos from the event.


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Finally we also have the video from Manel’s talk at Betahaus Barcelona! :man_singer: