Aeternity meetup in Brussels


Yesterday I had a really good meetup in Brussels on an amazing coworking space called Digityzer.
There were around 25-30 people. Most of the audience already knew about Aeternity and were very glad to see the improvements done since the ICO. Around 70% were developers. There were guys from Arkane network, that they have already integrated Aeternity in their Blockchain as a service solution, also some guys from Satochip that want to integrate Aeternity in their hardware Wallet solution (they are in the Aeternity Telegram Group, I mentioned them).

And the coolest thing is that I got Santiago, that it’s a developer and wants to become our ambassador in Brussels and Will start soon a Sophia Workshop.


This little tour in Europe it’s being Epic, thanks everyone for your support😊

BEST wishes



Excellent meetup @Manel :clap::clap:, I hope the local developers in Brussels will also join us here in the forum! :rocket:

Here are some more details about this meetup at Digityzer: :belgium:

Topics presented: The evolution of æternity, migration to our mainnet, three hardforks performed during 2019, Oracles, State Channels, Naming system, Bitcoin-NG, Starfleet program, Sophia Ambassador program, new website

Questions by the participants: They asked if the participants of a State Channel need to have a full node downloaded and if we are developing any routing solution for State Channels (aka Virtual Channels?)

Possible æpps use cases: There was a man that wanted to create a healthcare æpp, he will present his idea to the Starfleet program. Also the guys from Satochip want to integrate æternity in their Hardware Wallet.

Cool, these cards look really fun and I’ve ordered one to try it out.

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