Aeternity meetup in CIVE,Dodoma

Last we two week we have a very wonderful aeternity meetup at Dodoma,The summary of the meeting is as follows;

Location: Cive cafeteria, Dodoma, Tanzania

Date: 30.11.2019

Number of participants: 26

Topics presented: Introduction to blockchain, introduction to Bitcoin, Ethereum and æternity, how æternity come to solve the problem of scalability by using off-chain transaction, how it makes possible the process of connecting real world data by oracle state machine, æternity smart contact, æpps, we have also discussed different blockchain use cases, finally we have a session of question and answer.

Questions by the audience: Why æternity blockchain? Why most cryptocurrency die? What are the differences between æpp and other apps? How can we mine AE tokens? Can we get a job if we become good at æternity blockchain?

Possible æpps use cases: Building a messenger æpp and simple voting æpps for decision making, simple fundraising æpp, gas distributor æpp, special dedicated æpp for helping and motivating children to learn maths. I think we can create a group of people for that.

some picture of the events are as follows;

You can watch the video on you tube also at,


Congrats for your first presentation @jeremiah99! :muscle::fire:

Let’s grow the æternity developer community in Tanzania together. I hope you enjoy the meetups! :smiley::rocket:

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yeah i enjoyed and learn a lot!!!