Aeternity meetup in MADE makerspace with students of the Barcelona University among others

Hi everyone,

on Monday I did a meetup in Barcelona with some students of the Barcelona University in MADE makerspace a hub of opensource projects from software to crypto to syntethizers... :slight_smile:

The most remarkable thing is that it came the director of the Blockchain and Cryptograohy searcg group of the University of Barcelona and they are interested in doing a collabortion of research. Not to create Dapps directky but to do research on how to improve the Aeternity protocol. How should we proceed @erik93?
Also on January we will do a Sophia workshop inside the University.

here there are some pictures of the event, most of the asistants were of a high technical knowledge.


Excellent @Manel, could you ask them to write me an email with their research collaboration proposal?

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I think that It should be us who propose them a list of subjects of the Aeternity protocol that they could investigate the way to improve It.
Something like:

  • how to keep the Cukko Cycle algorithm ASIC resistant.
  • posible security attacks in State Channels.
  • how to implement privacy features for AE txs(?mimblewimble?)
  • mechanisms to make sure that Oracles don’t act maliciously.
    Any ideas?

@emin.chain @milenradkov.chain @philipp.chain Any suggestions on what specific areas of the æternity protocol this research team from the University of Barcelona could investigate?

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These are some topics I did think of in the past:

  • formal verification of sophia
  • developing a gas cost at compile time language
  • x-fold scalability by sharding
  • game theory research e.g. for transaction/blocks propagation
  • spv mode for a smart contract platform
  • sidechains
  • state channel networks
    • virtual state channels
    • routing virtual channels
    • network discovery
    • zero knowledge proofs to force progress
    • secure mobile clients
  • hybrid PoS/PoW for consensus
  • transaction privacy
  • aeternity thread model and fault tolerance mechanisms
  • blockchain advantages with mesh networking
  • wasm, effective mobile implementation
  • security/user experience tradeoffs
  • keypair management for humans
  • making everyone understand blockchain issued trust

Now we also have the video of @Manel’s meetup at MADE in Barcelona: :speech_balloon:

Cool list piwo. I like it!

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