Aeternity meetup in Murcia


Hi everyone!
Today I had a Meetup in Murcia thanks to the Blockchain Asociation of Murcia.
There were 18 persons of different levels, it was very interesting because even the ones that didn’t have any knowledge of smart Contracts understood their utility thanks to easy to understand exemples.
Juan Cano, the president of the Asociation wants to create a voting system using Aeternity, he is a guy with a lot of connections but he doesn’t have technical skills. Do you think we could put him in contact with someone to help him develop or use a voting system using the Aeternity Blockchain?
Also there was Mario Amor from a energy cooperative that wants to integrate Blockchain into his company and has technical support in it, he will send me his proposal in the next days.
They will send me a video in few days.


Hey @Manel thanks for sharing this with us!

Please invite Mr. Cano to check out our voting aepp
Can you share with us a little more about this voting system that he want to implement? so maybe @piwo can help you.

We’ll be waiting for the info about Mr. Amor proposal.

Great job Manel!!


And considering the energy cooperative, we can make a connection between this person and the Starfleeter AMPnet @mislav_ampnet :slight_smile:


In the meetup I did at the Alicante University there came 3-4 other projects, should I put them in contact with him as well?


Please describe the projects so we can find the best point of contact for everyone of them :slight_smile:


Already sent, thanks!


Is there a video record of this meeting?


Yes, I just sent it to @erik93 also the guys from Blockchain Murcia will post the one they did


A payment gateway or plugin(they need to describe it more)
Ucoin- stablecoin used in the University campus
A fidelization system of customers


Hi everyone here is the link of the podcast I did with the Blockchain Asociation of Murcia(in Spanish)


thanks, I was waiting for it.


You can listen to the podcast as well. And I just sent to Erik another video of the Crypto Congress in the Polythecnic University of Murcia.


He just sent me a document
It’s a PDF, to who should I send it?


Hey @Manel, maybe talk to @mislav_ampnet.
@Luka can also help here :wink:


@Manel ping me on wire/email and i’ll connect everyone.


Ok, what’s your email?


Here are the videos from Manel’s meetup in Murcia!


I have sent you a private message


[email protected]



Thank you very much! I’ll watch it tonight