Aeternity meetup in The Garage Paris

Hi everyone,

I want to explian in this post the amazing meetup I had in Paris on Tuesday 11th.
The place it's a really cool Blockchain incubation in the center of Paris and also a Blockchain devs school. Although they are Blockchain agnostics some of the funders are from the Dune Network protocol.

The meetup was very crowded, around 25-30 people came to listen the improvements done by Aeternity since the contributor campaing.
I did some really cool networking with the organizers of the event and the Blockchain incubation.

  • we can include our Dacade course to their dev school program.
  • the Dune Network it’s like a project that uses a functional programing language for smart contracts called LOVE, they told me that It would be very cool if we could do a podcast to see the differences between the LOVE and Sophia.
  • I got two persons interested in becoming our Paris ambassadors and a morrocian girl with a lot of devs contacts in Morrocoo which id Interested in creating an Aeternity community there.
  • they offered me to participate in the Paris Blockchain Week event that they ll do on April.


Great job @Manel :slight_smile: Thank you for updating us on your journey!

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Great work @Manel! Let’s hope we find a new æmbassador in Paris who can continue your work there :muscle:

Here are some more details about this meetup:

Topics presented: I explained the beginning of æternity, the launch of our mainnet on 2018, the three hard forks in 2019, State Channels, Bitcoin-NG, Oracles, Naming System and Starfleet program

Questions by the participants: The audience asked about the grade of randomness on the Oracles, also they asked if we think about switching to PoS at some point for our own consensus mechanism

Possible æpps use cases: The place where I did the meetup is also a programming school and they are interested in introducing our dacade Sophia course in their program. Also some of the founders are in the Dune network that has developed a functional programing language for smart contracts called LOVE, we talked about doing a podcast between the two Core teams to show the differences between both programing languages.


here is the video