Aeternity meetup in WE Work, Poble Nou, Barcelona on 20/02/2020

I hosted an Aeternity meetup with the We Work community of Barcelona on Thursday. It was cool because some of the participants of the meetup have already been in previous Aeternity meetups in Barcelona (and that give a sensation of community) and there was a Bulgarian guy, Georgi, who co-organized the event and he knew Aeternity from a meetup in Sophia were he got to meet Yani and he really like the vision of our protocol.
I got two persons that wan to become Aeternity ambassadors, a technical and an entrepeneur profile. The technical is Joan which is an enginner os systems working on Indra, a very known company in Spain. And the non-technical one is Georgi which is very involved in IT and is part of the We Work community of Barcelona and works as well for Airbnb and likes a lot to do meetups.

Also there was a student from EADA that is studing a doctorate of Bockcahin and supply chain and was very interested in how Aeternity Oracles can be applies in those process. A brazilian guy, Victor, also working in supply chain company is intrested to know more about it.

I think it would be great to get more information on how Aeternity protocol is been used for supply chain of marihuana in Uruguay cause the article in Cointelegraph doesn’t explain it in detail.

here you have some pictures:

and here you have a video


Hey @Manel as always it is very pleasant read your updates about meetups, good to know that people attend meetups again definetly that gives the impression that a community is forming there and that makes us very happy.

All of them are more than welcome to join the æmbassadors program by sending their application through the [](http://æmbassadors - Application Form æternity).

And about the supply chain of marihuana in Uruguay, maybe @ae-omar can give us an update here :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sure @vanessa.chain we are almost there to get to production. Right now we have both operator and verifier apps that allow to gather all the information, treatments to give and also the verifier to check plants history, temperature etc. It’s a really cool project where we are mixing IOT and Blockchain. I’ll send some screenshots soon.


Hey @ae-omar thanks for the update.

@Manel hope this can be useful for you :slightly_smiling_face: