Aeternity meetup in Zaragoza


Hi everyone,

Today I did a Meetup in Zaragoza. 38 people came to listen the improvements done by Aeternity. Yesterday I had to postpone on in Barcelona cause there were only 3 persons.
It confirms me that sometimes smaller cities give better results than big activity collapsed cities.
There was a good crowd of people interested in different aspects: some lawyers, few techies and some guys from the Blockchain Association in Aragon.
The most interesting idea in my opinion was how to implement Aeternity oracles in Airplanes delayed reclamations. I think it could work very well, maybe the airport authority could be an Oracle, in fact they already collect this information without making money out of it.

Please give me some feedback about that idea!


Hey @Manel, that is a great idea. I’ve actually stepped upon a similar project - check this out:

But, of course that doesn’t mean we can’t do it better on æternity :wink:



Here it is! Some more pics and videos!:blush:


Cool, flight delay can really be a problem sometimes!


? What flight delay, my tour is on car.


I think @CryptoParadise meant the use-case idea about the airplanes delays we discussed above :slight_smile:


Awww :neutral_face: well…thanks


Here are more videos from Manel’s meetup in Zaragoza!