Aeternity meetup with the Elixir/Erlang community of Barcelona

Hi everyone,

I’m very pleased to announce that on the 30th of July I’ll be organizing a presential meetup in Codeworks-Barcelona with the local Erlang/Elixir community of Barcelona.

So great to be back to real, old school, face to face meetups❤️

All the info of the event is in the link.

If you are in town please come and join us!

Very excited to present Aeternity to a community that, somehow, they already love Aeternity​:smiley::star_struck:



Looking forward to it @Manel! Will there be a recording?

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for sure! camera video

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due to the restrictions because of the Coronavirus we will do the meetup online.

please come and join us

thursday at 19CEST

meetup will be online because of what you can supose…:expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

come and join us

english meetup

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The meetup was very interesting. All of them they were Erlang devs and knew about Aeternity.

I’ll be having a beer with them once I come back to Barcelona.

Some of them were interested in creating a decentralized storage solution like Storj or Siacoin in Aeternity, does it make sense?

@erik.chain @aelex?

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video and list of participants of the meetup, I will upload more soon

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Thanks for the update @Manel! Though it was only 8 participants, I think all of them might be potential contributors since they already love Erlang :smiley:

What were some of the questions of the participants? What are they interested in? (besides decentralized storage)

Regarding storage I think there have been already some integrations of IPFS using Sophia smart contracts? @philipp.chain @Emmanuel @Goodness Do you think it makes sense to have storage on the AE blockchain or better outsource it? Personally I think IPFS integrations should work as well, but I’m not a developer :sweat_smile:

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no problem, just store the ipfs hash in the contract, e.g. as done in graffiti


ok, thanks, I will let them know

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some questions made:

is someone working on a mixer for the Superhero wallet?

why not use Elixir instead of Sophia(I think he was a Erlang dev but with zero knowledge on smart contracts)
is aeteenity planing to add privacy features like mimblewimble or zk-proof?

is Aeteenity going to implement a solution like the web3 assembly of Eth2.0 to be able to use many amart contracts languages?



@aelex do you know who could help to answer these questions?

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