Aeternity Node Installation on Ubuntu 20.10

Dear Aeternity Infrastructure Team, I am trying to setup Aeternity Node for my new platform on Ubuntu 20.10. As per the documentation, it seems Aeternity is supporting uptil Ubuntu 18.04. Could you please let me know when will Aeternity support 20.10 version.


Can’t we use docker containers to solve this issue?

I think last time our team implemented in their local system was using docker



Hey @Vikram, thanks for sharing this idea. It seems to be a good work around. I tried deploying Aeternity Node on Ubuntu 20.10 and macOS 13. It is not starting up in both the cases. I will try with other OS flavors or a docker based container infrastructure.


Hi @gokulalex I got my node working with Ubuntu 18.04 without docker.

In case of 20.10, what issues are you facing?

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What CPU are you using, some older ones might not be supported

I have a machine with Intel i7 16GB RAM CPU with an additional NVIDIA 4 GB RAM GPU.


exactly what i7 is it?

as far as I know the new nodes need AVX-2 support in the cpu, for i7 thats from i7-4000 generation