`aeternity` node release v6.4.0

We are preparing a new release - 6.4.0. Its focus is on usability.

The biggest changes are in a new admin CLI. It is meant for node operators to have a better control over their node. It is being used as:

bin/aeternity admin <command>

It allows interacting with the transaction pool and network peers.
It currently supports the following pool functionalities:

  • Push of a new transaction to the pool. It has a force option in order to
    skip the checks if the transaction had already been deleted in the past
  • Delete a transaction from the pool.
  • Check the current size of the transaction pool. It comes with options for
    showing only transactions that were visited/not visited during this
  • Inspect a transaction currently present in the transaction pool. It
    provides number of failures and TTL.
  • A getter and a setter for the minumum gas required from this node in
    particular. This allows scripting node behaviour with varying gas price
    It also supports the following peers functionalities:
  • Inspect peers - currently connected, verified, unverified and
    blocked. They are returned in a list but there is also an optional
    argument to return their count instead.
  • Add a new peer - add a new peer to the unverified list. This new peer
    will follow the same verification process as if received by other peer.
    There is also the option of adding a trusted peer - those are a special
    set of peers that are always kept in the verified bucket and are never
    degraded to unverified even if they are offline.
  • Remove a peer by their peer id.
  • Block and unblock peers - blocked peers are considered malicious entities
    and the node will not attempt connecting to them. It will also refuse
    incoming connections from blocked peers.

It also comes with improvements and bugfixes to the devmode. Those will allow it to be included in devtools. There are also some bug fixes in HTTP endpoints, sync improvements and the rollback script.

This all will go in the 6.4.0 release. I will keep you up to date with the progress of the release.


The release is ready

It is deployed to the seed nodes. Feel free upgrading your nodes in order to take advantage of the features.