Aeternity node v6.10.0

Hi all,
We had made a new release - v6.10.0

It brings a lot of new features and some important fixes. We had identified some problems with the new GC approach in v6.9.0 and those are fixed now. This brings a lot of stability of the software, especially while running on a low CPU machines.

The current GC approach is really effective: a non-GCed DB amounts to roughly 116.79 GB while the GCed one is only 33 GB. This is a great reduction of the memory footprint.

There are a handful of HC changes, most notably a BTC parent chain connector.

For more details, please consult the release notes in the link above.


When will it be available?

It is actually available for 2 weeks already - we wanted to make sure the problems identified are indeed fixed before we announce it. We have been running it on our machines and it is performing great.