Aeternity node v6.8.0 and v6.8.1

Hi all
We published two new releases: 6.8.0, then @davidyuk identified an old bug that had been lurking for over a year now that we considered to be worth an emergency release. Now the latest and greatest version is v6.8.1:

You can check their release notes (v6.8.0 and v6.8.1) as they bring a lot of new functionalities. Some worth mentioning are:

  • We deprecated MacOS 10 in our releases, we currently publish releases built on MacOS 11.6.2 (Big Sur). This means that if you want to run it on MacOS 10 - you have to compile&build the node yourself
  • Config got revisited, please note that some of those are not backwards compatible:
    • consensus name is renamed to type as it is not a handle but specifies what type of consensus is in place
    • in case of bad config, the error message is greatly improved
    • config using system variables with hyphens now works
    • http:endpoints:node_operator is renamed to http:endpoints:node-operator

With regards of HyperChains:

  • HCs post commitments on the parent chain
  • allows running a HC on iris protocol version
  • a lot of smart contract polish

We had upgraded our nodes and we kindly suggest you upgrade yours :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update Dimitar and all your (and the team’s) work. And congratulations on the progress.

About the HC implementations. Since I do not know how the HC architecture is designed, what percentage (guesstimating) of a complete HC architecture is what is released and ready?

I could not objectively tell, but I feel it is obviously not complete… but that is just based on the fact there is no big press release or something about this. :smiley:

Could you elaborate on why the newly released parts of HC are released now… without releasing the entire HC product?

Thank you again for the updates!


p.s. When HC is fully released, I hope it is not released quietly… I think notifying major crypto media news outlets would be in the works. AE is still technologically better than the most utilized smart contract platforms (ETH, BNC, etc…). And business and software minds need to know more about it and the great progress you all have made and continue to make. :100:


Ugh, I am really bad at guestimations :smiley: It is safe to say over 90% are ready and published. We still need some elements. We are doing incremental development so once we have a feature - we include it in the codebase. Keeping all changes in a feature branch for months would be simply too painful to rebase :slight_smile:


Thank you for the feedback. Before HC is fully done… just before the final commit and you are ready to push to production. Do you know who is in charge of the public relation aspect? This will need more than a stealth roll-out. Perhaps, it is going to coincide with AE Universe 3 conference… If so, I think - not only key crypto business & software minds - but also some special invites to all interested crypto and business news media would be helpful.

Who is in charge of that? I could take these question to that person or persons. Thanks for any feedback on this too… I know you are developing, but maybe you know…

…or anyone reading this can answer that.