Æternity Opens Bounties and Community Campaigns

Hey everyone

Except for the T-Shirts and Stickers Design Bounty we shared earlier, we have many other ongoing bounties and initiatives that await your involvement :slight_smile:

Fortunately, Altcoin Magazine has collected them really nicely and you can find all of them listed here:


Whether you are a developer, a community builder or an entrepreneur, you are welcome to join us :slight_smile:


It’s a great collection, but Medium is difficult to access in China.
China great firewall filters many websites.


Hey @LiuShao.chain ,

thanks for your precious feedback! So could you name an alternative platform for the Chinese community, who is huge and very important for æternity? Hopefully we can arrange to spread the word over the alternative platform as well then :slight_smile:


Hey @LiuShao.chain, we’ll get Mark to translate the piece into Chinese and post it here :wink:


I think WordPress might be a good public platform? Maybe @LiuYang.chain got him to brainstorm this question?

8btc.com seems like a good place to be, with lots of blockchain enthusiasts

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I am afraid that it is not easy to know the new content in the first time. If there is a new article, you would like to send me a website address. I can set up a channel on aechina.io dedicated to these articles,It is better to E-mail.