Æternity Payment Application Roadmap

UPDATE for 30/October. I added links to applications, handbook, and the issues already solved – (under testing)

Merchant: https://m.pay.coinfabrik.com
Customer: https://c.pay.coinfabrik.com
Onboarding QR: https://aehub.coinfabrik.com:3000/
Handbook: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iDjGt9Gi1I_za8Lcm2D7eVWzsE6UWTHViGqyj0pB9HA/edit

Hi everyone.

We have devised a roadmap to reach Version 1.0 of the payment application. As always we will work closely with the Aeternity teams to get through the milestones.

The roadmap is divided in the following three (3) Sprints.

SPRINT 1 (2 Weeks)

  • Solve the issue where merchant payment notifications may get lost SOLVED

  • Implement support for reconnection so the user does not need to keep the application open at channel creation stage. This applies also to onchain TXs where the user must wait a number of confirmations such as withdraw, deposit, and channel close (*)

  • Restore Withdraw/Deposit functionality. This was broken some time ago (**). SOLVED

SPRINT 2 (2 Weeks)

  • Finish clearance mechanism to distribute funds to seller
  • Properly handle all “user cancel transaction” scenarios (*) (PARTIALLY SOLVED at CHANNEL OPEN)

SPRINT 3 (2 Weeks)

  • Write final documentation.
  • Solve all current UI issues, especially getting proper display on all common form factors

(*) Features depends on aeternity node-sdk features availability
(**) Channel die inmediatly after deposit


  • Unify Merchant/Customer roles in one application.
  • v1.0 UI Should offer information such as current version, license information, minimal help and settings screen.



Hi @hernandp, thanks for posting the update!

Is there is any functionality that need to be implemented by the core team or is it purely client-side work?

The main issue we were working with the core team was related to the user being able to trigger a channel open operation and leave the app (currently if you switch off the application, the channel opening sequence will be aborted) .
This is expected to be in 5.1.0 release as far as I know.
Longstanding issues such as the deposit/withdraw being broken seem to be already fixed and going to be available on the next application update.



Can you re-post the link to the applications here so users that want to try can try it :sunny:

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