Æternity Payment Application Update #10 (0.9.20)

A new build is available. Now more funds can be deposited in the channel without the need to open a new channel. A subtle bug in the Payment hub has been fixed also.

From this release, you can refer to the new documentation:


Payment Hub Setup Guide


0.9.20 (191025)

  • Updated Aeternity SDK to 6.0.0
  • Restored Deposit after channel-creation functionality. This should already work with nodes >= 5.0.0-rc5.
  • Supports cancellation of base-aepp SIGN dialog at Channel Open request.
  • Fixed an issue where merchant payment notifications may get lost
  • Close channel/Deposit/Withdraw screens won’t let display to sleep to prevent connection gone broke.


  • Scrolling issues with Android. Please switch to floating keyboard if needed.
  • When OnDemand mode is active, Withdraw is not available.
  • Cancelling transactions through Base-Aepp dialog may cause channel to enter inconsistent state.
  • Do not switch subaccounts except before channel opening.
  • Page Refresh/Exit may cause problems if a channel operation is underway. This should be fixed with future 5.1.0 node Release. This is currently mitigated by keeping display and CPU active while on-chain tx is in course.

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