Æternity Payment Application Update #3 (0.8.5)

Hi community and devs. The Payment application has been moved for this release to:


Current release has the following Change-log from 0.8.0 of last week:


  • Revamped internal handling of channel events
  • Cleaned up Payment process: logic factored-out from view and moved to PaymentProcessor class
  • Friendlier text messages in many screens
  • Removed unnecessary Onboarding “allow this wallet” dialog
  • UI enhancements
  • Transaction history
  • Handling of CANCELED payment notification
  • Handling of Customer trying to purchase with insufficient channel funds
  • Two decimal digits shown in user interface for AE amounts
  • Fixed: Sometimes “Waiting transaction” screens at Deposit or Withdraw stuck at 100%
  • Fixed: Hide QR if build flag VUE_APP_DISABLEQRSCANCODES=1
  • Fixed: QR stops functioning if an invalid QRcode is scanned
  • Fixed: Onboarding QR format validation
  • Hub now communicates channel options at onboarding stage, preventing misconfiguration.
  • Heartbeat protocol with Hub to mantain permanent connection
  • Merchant receives a payment message for every successful purchase.


  • Camera does not work in iOS devices
  • Payment process can time-out due to a bug we are analyzing.
  • Cancelling transactions through Base-Aepp dialog may enter inconsistent state.
  • UI Scaling does not work well in low vertical res screens, this is a WIP


NOTE: QR scanning may not work in some devices such as iOS. Workaround is:

  • For onboarding, Just click the QR area. This will simulate onboarding to our aehub node, so in this case you must configure https://aehub.coinfabrik.com as node in the base aepp
  • For payment QRs, use the payment codes generated by merchants.


  • Scan an onboarding code, or click it to accept the default. An onboarding code must contain the text:
{ "hub" : "https://ip_or_address:port" }

This is the IP or name of the payment hub.

  • Associate a name for your address, either your own or bussiness brand.
  • Customer must deposit an initial amount of AEs for your channel, and Merchants will enter with a fixed amount (now is 0.00002AE, can we change this later or be decided by the payment hub)
  • Wait for your channel to be opened.
  • In the main menu, you can Add more funds or withdraw, view your TX history or Close channels. For merchants, you can generate a Payment code or QR (they are both accessible). Customer can enter merchant-generated codes and pay, or scan QRs if camera device is accessible.

A issue tracker and code repo will be published for tracking development closely.



You can print onboarding code from: https://aehub.coinfabrik.com:3000/ or scan it directly there from your phone


Thanks for the update. I’ve played around a bit and this is the result:

Using Android, Base aepp 0.8.11

Edit I forgot to switch the node to AE hub, here is the other test:

I saw in the video, you seem to forget to use the port number: 3000

It doesn’t seem to be the problem.

Port 3000 is for hub utilities.

I’ve just transferred coins to ak_2ruXgsLy9jMwEqsgyQgEsxw8chYDfv2QyBfCsR6qtpQYkektWB . Sorry we need to migrate to other node not in private net.

Here is a demo video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AOECn1oSqPGRc8gThhTyNPoSIvKZDMg2/view?usp=sharing we used domains: customerbeta and merchantbeta where we keep wip versions.

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