Æternity Payment Application Update #4 (0.8.6)

Hello friends,
An updated version of the Payment App is available at



  • CLOSE channel request acts as an application exit: will reset all state and require to do re-login process from start
  • Fixed issue where you cannot login on iOS with QR-click instead of camera
  • Node connection timeout implemented at startup.
  • App will ask user to add funds to wallet if balance is zero.
  • Application will always store the latest usable state and return to proper screen when refreshing or going back and forth to other base-aepps screens:
    • If we didnt went thru Scan QR, we are for a clean startup. Wait for connection to wallet.
    • If we already scanned QR, but didnt went thru User Register, go to Register.
    • If we already scanned QR plus we already got user name from hub, go to channel Opening.
    • If we did QR + user name + channel opening, go to Main Menu.


  • Android Devices: If you dont get camera access while scanning QRs, you may need to accept camera permission in main base Aepp first.
  • Payment process can time-out due to a bug we are analyzing.
  • Transparent channel reconnection if it goes to DISCONNECT state
  • Cancelling transactions through Base-Aepp dialog may enter inconsistent state.



Great, i will try and share a video screencast recording.