Æternity Payment Application Update #5 (0.9.5)

Hi friends, we’ve been pushing this week and working together with the development community, addressing issues, discussing workarounds and proposing enhancements and fixes to the involved Aeternity components, specially State-channel related ones.

This version source code is now available for access at https://gitlab.com/hernandp/ae-mobile-payment/

Testing notes

If you ran previous versions of the application, you may need to clear your browser local storage

a. Consider known issues in the change-log.
b. Use https://aehub.coinfabrik.com as node in the base-aepp. Testing under testnet node is underway.
c. Connect to https://customer.aehub.coinfabrik.com and https://merchant.aehub.coinfabrik.com for access to this build.
d. Merchant side When generating QR code, wait for the “WAITING PAYMENT” counter to appear for the customer to scan.
e. Onboarding QR is available at https://aehub.coinfabrik.com:3000
f. Pre-made payment QRs can be generated if they contain the following format, replacing field contents accordingly:

{ "merchant": "ak_2uukkq7...", 
"amount": "11000000000000000", 
"something": "2 BEERS", 
"type": "payment-request" }

Change log

0.9.5 (190910)

NOTE This version requires base-aepp >= 0.10.0.

  • A new operation mode is available: OnDemand connection, where channels are not kept open but used on-demand by leave/connection operations. Application can be built using this mode using VUE_APP_ONDEMAND_CONNECTION_MODE=1 in .env file or environment variable. Ondemand mode should work until all reconnection/restablish/leave/disconnect operation issues are ironed out (see for example issue #651 in aepp-js-sdk).
  • Merchant in OnDemand Mode will wait for customer scanning and processing of payment; after a timeout it will go disconnected again.
  • New QR Scanner through the base-aepp. Should work on all platforms.
  • Removed Payment Codes fallback.
  • Registered name cannot be empty
  • Deposit, Withdraw and Purchase Amounts cannot be zero or negative.
  • After user registration, we’ll check if there is a channel opened with saved state to reconnect.
  • If channel opening fails, user will be offered to retry or cancel and open a new channel.
  • Fixed channel open status display.
  • More UI tweaks.


  • Merchant funds may not updated.
  • Transaction history for customer may not show entries.
  • Deposit/Withdrawal are BROKEN in Connect Ondemand Mode https://www.pivotaltracker.com/n/projects/2124891/stories/167944617
  • Page refresh is BROKEN in always-connected mode due to channel object “rehydration” issues (ref: issue #651 in aepp-js-sdk); also in Merchant app while waiting for payment, Refresh will doom current open channel object!
  • Cancelling transactions through Base-Aepp dialog may cause channel to enter inconsistent state.


Great work! Can you please share the hub’s code as well?

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Thank you for writing this update. Can you also share a video again (if its not too much work) as i’m not able to get it run on my side.

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how can I receive balance on the https://aehub.coinfabrik.com/ network to try it out?

could you deploy the aepp to work on the normal testnet?