Æternity Payment Application Update #7 (0.9.8)

A new build with many tweaks, fixes and enhancements is available.
For setup and testing details please review the 0.9.7 post here:


0.9.8 (190914)

NOTE This version requires base-aepp >= 0.10.1.

  • Based on SDK 4.7.0

  • Fixes handling the user request of Cancelling channel open process.

  • Fixes several bugs when the user canceled a purchase.

  • On Open and Close, Tx Hash is available on screen. Can be copied to clipboard by clicking on it.

  • Main Menu shows “loader” while querying balances.

  • Fixed My Activity back to Main Menu nav.

  • Fixed My Activity showing “loader” while querying TXs.

  • Fixed My Activity showing message if there are not transactions in channel.

  • Fixed detecting a timeout during LEAVE request in purchase operation

  • Fixed sending heartbeat_ack response when websocket was in CLOSING state


  • Scrolling seems to be locked by container iframe, causing keyboard to display over the UI. Switch to floating keyboard if possible to address this.

  • In some screens you may not be able to enter payment concept due to space constraints.

  • When OnDemand mode is active, Withdraw and Deposit are not available (see https://www.pivotaltracker.com/n/projects/2124891/stories/167944617)

  • On-Chain-TX info may not be shown under Node 5.X testnet (see onChainTx event with create_channel_tx: Differences between node versions?)

  • Cancelling transactions through Base-Aepp dialog may cause channel to enter inconsistent state.

  • Do not switch subaccounts except before channel opening.

  • Page Refresh may cause problems if a channel operation is underway. This should be fixed with 4.7.0 and reconnection mechanism (not included yet)

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